"I believe that art is not autonomous or self contained. When the arts are woven into the learning experience, they not only provide skill acquirement and application, but enhance education by providing activities that promote curiosity, discovery, inquiry, experimentation, persistence, inventiveness, exploration, critical thought, and creative problem solving."
Karel Gertsacov, Funder

The purpose of the program is to promote the concept that the arts are integral to the learning process. To that end, Karel Gertsacov, a retired art school teacher from the Cranston School System, established a fund at the RI Foundation that will give out grants for projects that exemplify this concept.

Currently, grants are administered once a year - You may submit an application at the address listed below. (Applications are available online 6 weeks before the deadline, usually the third week of September.)

Successful grant projects mix academic programs with art learning and creation in new and interesting ways. Projects should be process-oriented, creative, make the best use of limited resources, and ideally result in student creation of new work.

The typical successful grant request is in the $500-$1000 range.

Any 501c3 non-profit or school is eligible to apply for the grant, however, any project funded must benefit Rhode Island public school children. Especially welcome are collaborative applications from artists who work in and with schools or non-profit organizations. Due to foundation regulations, all funds must be paid to a school or 501c3 organization.

The grant process and all funds are administered by the Rhode Island Foundation. If you would like to apply, please visit the RI Foundation Web Page for the online application.

More information at the RI Foundation Webpage for this project, listed below