Arts In Academic Grants 2006

Projects selected for Arts in Academics funding for 2006 are:

Total awarded: $2200

  • North Smithfield High School, $850, for the “Obras Vivientes” (“Living Works”) project which will allow students in the Honors Spanish IV and Honors French IV classes to research the works of Spanish, Hispanic and French painters and then “bring them to life” by creating a background that includes elements of the original work, illustrating the work through music, movement, and dance, and providing a bilingual narration of their projects.

  • Agnes E. Little Elementary School, Pawtucket, $675, to support the “Shades of Aboriginal Music” project and specifically to enable third grade students to construct rain sticks and boom pipes. These musical instruments, constructed from such materials as PVC, wood, mailing tubes, and beads, will teach the students math skills and concepts of sound, such as wavelength and frequency, that are part of the science curriculum.

  • Burrillville High School, $675 to support the school garden project of the landscape design class and specifically for decorative clay tiles or mosaics. For the project, English classes at the school will research poetry that reflects on nature. Landscape design students then will incorporate the poems into decorative design elements on tiles and create tile walkways and/or line walls within the garden.