Arts in Academics Grants 2010

Projects selected for Arts in Academics funding for 2010 are:
Total awarded: $2900

East Greenwich High School,  $600 for "Composition Collaboration Project" 
The Composition Collaboration Project will give the students of the East Greenwich High School Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra the experience of working along side a professional composer and musician (trumpeter John Allmark) as he writes a piece of music specifically for them to perform.  The work will be created, printed, and recorded in collaboration with the students.

Exeter-West Greenwich H.S. $500 for  "The World Together" Students in the History and Art Departments will use this grant to underwrite the cost of materials for the first stage of a theme-based historical frieze that would be approximately 40 feet in length. It would be created in the corridor that all history classrooms adjoin. The frieze would be approximately 30 inches wide and would be used to represent the commonalities among world cultures. The students will collaborate on selecting subject matter, theme, and creating the actual frieze.

Lincoln Senior High School , $600 for "Marketing the Arts...." This project is a collaboration between the art students and the entrepreneurship students.  In teams, the students will create, manufacture and market hand made items, including making a video commercial.

The Engine Insitute Inc. $600, for "Data actualization of digital terrain models for enhanced student comprehension and educational outreach to the visually impaired"  This project will introduce basic concepts of 3D design and sculpture and provide a hands-on experience making tactile models of planets and meteorites that the students will be able to take home. This will be available for both the visually capable and visually impaired middle school student.

McCourt Middle School $600 , for "Teaching Respect through the Art of Digital Media through the Establishment of a Green (On-Line) School Newspaper".  This 7 week project will address cyberbullying by creating a positive outlet for visual and written creative expression. Students will create a student newspaper in connection to the existing school website. Students will create digital photographs; scan drawn images of comics and editorial cartoons; and create written articles. Written reports will include reports on school events, sports, and commentary. The objective of this project is to teach respect through thoughtful expression in various media.