The Rhode Island Foundation is now accepting applications for the Arts in Academics Fund.

Successful Arts in Academics projects create collaborations among artists and educators and promote the arts as an integral part of the learning process. 

This fund is not intended to support performances where students are passive participants. Literacy projects are generally not funded unless they are exceptionally creative and include other core academic subjects. 

Grant amounts range from $500 to $1,000. Potential projects might include:
·         Collaboration between artist and educator: An architect and a math teacher help students learn about scale by reading and using rulers when building a scale model.
·         Field trips: Students take a trip to the zoo to study symmetrical patterns as they relate to mathematics. (Trips may not be for entertainment purposes, but must serve an academic need.)
·         Professional training: A teacher attends a workshop or other course in critical/creative problem-solving to expand arts literacy skills and incorporate its principles into other core academic areas. 
To see summaries of successful grant projects, visit PREVIOUS GRANTS.

Any K-12 public or charter school teacher, artist, or nonprofit organization is eligible to apply as long as the proposed project benefits Rhode Island public school children. Grants may be used for stipends, materials, equipment, honorariums, and other costs associated with implementing the project. (Funds may only be used to support performances or exhibitions that are the result of the grant project.) The project described in the proposal should take place between January and June 2017. An evaluation of the project must be submitted at its conclusion. Please note: Applications will not be considered from organizations with overdue grant reports.

Deadline for application submission is  October 23, 2020. Applications are available six weeks prior to the deadline; all applications must be submitted through the online system. Please check back in mid-September to find the online application.


Questions? Contact Kelly Riley Donor Services Administrator (401) 427-4028 or

Please feel free to forward this application to those who may benefit from this opportunity.