Arts in Academics Grants 2012

Projects selected for Arts in Academics funding for 2012 are:

Total awarded:  $2650

• Lincoln High School $650 for  Two Worlds Connected-- a clay tile mural project collaboration between Spanish language students and art students under the direction of a local muralist resulting in a student-created mural that adorns the World Language Lab.

• RI State House Restoration $700  to create, develop, and distribute a lesson plan for Rhode Island public school students in the fifth and sixth grades, combining historical and art historical approaches of looking at the Rhode Island colonial charter.

• Connecting For Children & Families- $300, in support of Math Help, an after-school offering at the Kevin K. Coleman Elementary School in Woonsocket which utilizes the visual arts to teach and improve math skills.

• Bernon Heights Elementary, $500.  To support the classroom creation of a collaborative multiple-ending mystery.  Students will work with a professional writer, an art teacher, and their classroom teacher to create a mystery whodunnit. Each student will devise their own ending, and then illustrate their own book.

 Davisville Middle School, $500.  African Folktales Project. As part of the seventh grade Social Studies curriculum, ninety seventh grade students from Davisville Middle School will work in groups to produce and perform masked African folktales for groups of their peers. Students will work under the direction of a teaching artist and a drumming master to create masks, and productions of the folktales.  The performance will be held under a tent outside of the school.