Arts in Academics Grants 2013

Projects selected for funding for 2013 include:

Total funded: $2700

A-Venture Academy "Mural Mural On The Wall Part II" -- $800 
The students of A-Venture will apply the mathematical concepts from the geometry strand of the Common Core State Standards of symmetry, similarity, scale, and proportion to design and produce a large- scale mural for the school’s community room. The grant will supply the necessary funds to provide an artist’s expertise (Erminio Pinque of Big Nazo Puppets) to guide the design process.  

Hamilton Elementary
"Art and Science Collide" --$500
Funding an Art/Science education program for Hamilton Elementary’s kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classes. Through this program, each of the class’s teachers will receive the opportunity to have a facilitated, hands-on Art/Science workshop performed for their class by POW! Science! educators. These workshops will allow the students to grasp science principles by creating art and better appreciate art by understanding the science behind it.

Groden Center "My Own World" -- $500
Collaboration with photographer Mary Beth Meehan to give students with autism instruction and encouragement to create personal photographs.

Westerly High School
"Slamming STEM" - $450
Funding workshops and performances of student poetry slam with themes of mathematics.

Western Hills Jr. High- "Academic Vocabulary Digital Stories" --$500
Funding the creation of hand drawn stories and digital art by 93 seventh grade students. Stories will be based on Academic concepts and Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary words.