Arts in Academics Grants 2014

Projects selected for funding for 2014 include:

Total Funded: $2964

Carl G. Lauro Elementary School  "Sculpture and Math Adventure"  $600
Fifth grade students will create origami, 3d architectural constructions, 2d tessellations, and digital
designs reflecting art and geometry standards. Students will create tessellations, clay forms,
mobiles, 3d constructions, perspective, imaginary buildings using wood, twirlerdigital art,
origami sculpture, paper sculpture, art inquiry using books and museum reproductions. Math
ideas using shapes, form, and volume will be investigated.

New England Laborer's Union/ Cranston Public Schools "Project Jewelry Art "          $700
Funding a class in advanced Jewelry sculpture. High school students will have the opportunity to make and sell their jewelry designs based on mathematical constructs.

First Works  "Exploring STEAM through JAZZ"          $654
In collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center, funding to support teacher training and professional development through the Jazz+Math program. Jazz + Math is an innovative program that incorporates curricular materials to
address common core standards and uses the concepts of rhythm and tempo to provide students with experiential methods to better master math and numeracy skills. The 2014-15 program is entitled “Exploring STEAM through Jazz.” Training will focus on lessons that bridge jazz to Math, Numeracy, Anatomy, and Environmental Science curricula for grades 3 through 7.

Narragansett Elementary   "New England Colonial Children's Story Illustration" $500
Funding a learning project weaving Social Studies colonial history, English Language Arts non-fiction writing, and the Visual Arts children’s story illustration and collage. Student learning will be strengthened by introducing the
topic of New England Colonial History from a variety of content areas. Funding will support a fourth grade field trip to the South County Museum.

Ella Risk  School "Art of Design: Conference"                         $200
Funding to support professional development of an art teacher to a national conference on design.

Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts  "The Freedom Project"                    $310
Funding a collaboration between the theatre and English departments to create a living history project based on the myriad experiences of American slaves during the 18nth and 19nth century.