Arts In Academics Grants 2015

Projects selected for Arts in Academics funding for 2015 are:

Total amount awarded:  $2990

A.M. Waddington "
The Art and Science of the Study of Birds" $500
This grant will be used to  aid third grade students to study birds both scientifically and artistically.   Drawing, design, identification, and adaptation will be discussed, practiced, and studied, as well as participating in a Citizen Science Experiment.

AVenture Academy "Sustainable 'JUNK' Art" $500
Money will be in aid of creating an assemblage art sculpture designed by students. A visit to the RISD Museum is planned.

Birchwood Middle School "Professional Training in Arts Integration" $490
To support professional development about visual arts and STEM.  A teacher will attend a national conference on Arts Integration and bring back concepts and ideas for the entire school.

Blackstone Academy Charter School "Art and Biology Field Trip" $500
Monies will be used to connect high school biology and arts classes together at the RISD Nature Lab.  Students will work collaboratively at the Nature Lab to examine homologous structures and draw their similarities; view convergent evolution and draw its products; view mimicry and camouflage and use art to better understand the benefits of both of these adaptations.

Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy "Illuminated Art" $500
 This project will integrate art and engineering concepts into the Science and English
Language Arts (ELA) curricula. Teams of students will create freestanding, illuminated sculptures that interpret the symbolism of “light”.

Scituate High School
- "SHS STEAMs Ahead: Integrating Art and Engineering" $500
Robotics students will create a mural displaying the work that they are doing for the rest of the school.