Arts in Academics Grants 2016

Projects selected for Arts in Academics funding for 2016 are:

Total amount awarded: $3415

Blackstone Valley Prep 
Scientific and Literary Illustration as an Art Form  $400
A school-wide project in which students in first through fourth grade will illustrate and publish 324 interactive books with science as a theme. Each grade will complete this project as it fits into their own science and ELA curriculum. First-grade students will study animals and their habitats, second-grade students will study dinosaurs, third-grade students will study geology and earth matter and fourth graders will study Greek mythology. Each student will create 5 illustrations and a front and back cover to support their text.

Davisville Middle School Uniting A Community: Silk Road Market $400
Ninety seventh-grade students from Davisville Middle School will enhance their understanding of Asian and African cultures by "traveling" down the Silk Road in 4-D: Dance, Drama, Drumming and Design. Students will create a 10 stall SILK ROAD MARKET that will include African drumming, host a shadow puppet performance area, and a dance arena. Over 200 sixth graders, approximately 100 parents, and invited community members will barter with canned goods in the market while enjoying music, art, dance, and theater thus turning the entire extravaganza into a service learning project. Collected canned goods will be donated to the local food pantry.

The Learning Community Mosaic Project $400
Students will meld mathematics and design skills to create a mosaic to refurbish a 12 ft round planter that is currently an eyesore in front of the school.

Lincoln Public Schools Physics Of Melting and Fusing Glass $ 679
Funds are used to purchase a glass kiln to give art students a hands-on approach to working with melted and fused glass. The kiln will continue to stay in the school as a resource for years to come.

North Smithfield High School
Arts Anthology $504
To help found a literary and artistic annual journal that will then continue each year as a club and as an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Scituate High School
In support of an interdisciplinary airbrush project which will feature a collaboration of art, engineering, and robotics students.

Western Hills Middle School Interactive Middle Ages Museum $500
In support of creating a school museum about the Middle Ages, with students creating exhibits and artifacts.