Arts in Academics Grants 2017

Projects selected for Arts in Academics funding for 2017 are:

Total amount awarded: $3680

Burrillville High School: Faces of War: Charcoal Portraits. $500.
Tenth grade students will write essays about Civil War soldiers and then create portraits of Civil War soldiers.  Grant money will provide supplies for charcoal portraiture.

Henry J Winters Elementary School Array CityScapes. $700.
Third grade students will use math and multiplication to create cityscapes that will be created using printing blocks and block printing technique.  Cityscapes will be used to beautify a hallway in the school and  also printed on other mediums, including possibly tshirts.

Island Moving Company Math Into Movement.  $500
Support to expand an existing math program/residency that touches all Newport second grade children.  The program will expand to include first grade children as well. Artists and teachers will integrate math and dance.

James H. Eldredge Elementary: Exploring Communities Through Art. $470
Third grade students will visit the RISD Museum to study objects in communities over time.  Teacher will collaborate with RISD staff to help create timelines for objects, and to help students visualize anthropology and art.

McCourt Middle School Using Editorial Cartoons as a Medium to Evoke Change.  $700
Eighth grade students will study editorial cartoons and create editorial cartoons about the Bill of Rights.  Student work will be combined into a book that will be held at the Cumberland Public Library.

State Street Elementary School Art Nature Lab. $510
 Teacher will create an Art/Nature Lab that  her students will use in creating and studying art for years to come.

Portsmouth Middle School. Good Vibes Wall $300
Fifth grade students and faculty will create a permanent positive word mural in a prominent part of the school. The hope is that this wall will help reinforce positive vocabulary and mental attitude throughout the school.